We’re still a safe choice. Just not a boring one.


our Story

No one wants to be boring. And yet...when it comes time to pick a caterer, people tend to play it safe. A lot of times, they have no choice. This often translates into a lot of money spent on food that no one will remember (unless it’s just that bad).

I formed Francie & Co. with the belief that catering services can do better than that. That they should truly cater. No matter what the occasion, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Every ingredient is noticeably fresh. Every dish is plated with style. Every course is perfectly timed. Every menu is carefully designed. Every guest is enjoying their meal.  

We do it this way because we live to see that look on people’s faces when they’ve just eaten something really good—or they know they’re about to. It’s unmistakable. And we love it even more when that experience becomes a catalyst for conversation. After years of culinary and event planning experience in Charleston, Charlotte, and abroad, this simple fact has held true: Good food brings people together unlike anything else.